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Published On: September 10, 2019

6 Tips for Managing Your Money

We get it–life can sometimes be hectic, but managing your money doesn’t have to be. We’re fortunate to have such advanced technology available and be able to have access to our bank balance at the click of a button. Online banking, mobile banking, eStatements, and ATMs all help us access our balances quicker and easier so that we can know, in real time, how much money we have in our accounts. We also have immediate access to what has cleared already, and what is pending, all without having to wait for our next statement to come in the mail.

In addition to some of the features we’ve listed above, there are also many more you already have access to as a current Guaranty Bank and Trust customer. Taking advantage of the features that already come with your account will save you time and help keep you on track to managing your money more efficiently!

Online Banking

Online banking is a feature offered with every Guaranty Bank checking account. It gives you access to your current account data in real time–allowing you to check balances, view pending or cleared transactions, and set up special notification alerts to help you avoid overdrafts. With online banking you’re able to access your bank statements for up to 12 months in case you should need to download and print them for any reason.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a feature within the online banking system that allows you to pay your bills directly from one place, rather than having to remember the login information for several websites, or having to write checks. This tool is currently offered on all personal checking accounts but the student checking. With Bill Pay you’re able to set up recurring payments for bills you pay monthly, save contact information, and easily enter your payment amounts to schedule your bills according to your budget. Save stamps, envelopes, and the hassle of having to remember to login to multiple systems on different dates to pay your bills.

Identity Protection

Did you know that if you have a Freedom or Secure Guaranty Bank checking account, you also have access to free Identity Protection features? ID Protect offers monitoring services for you and joint account holders to ensure you have no surprises when it comes to your credit! Some of the features of this protection include: theft reimbursement coverage, daily credit file monitoring with alerts when there is suspicious activity, and monitoring of over 1,000 databases that house your personal information online. Are you signed up? If not, access ID Protect here.


Save time, paper, and waiting on the mail to deliver your bank statement with eStatements. This handy feature will deliver email notifications that your statements have been posted and you can securely access them online. eStatements ensure that you’ll never have to keep a box of statements sitting around your house waiting to be shredded, or dig through it looking for one particular statement. With eStatements you can easily login to your account, search for the date range of the statement that you need, and access it with ease.

Account Sweeps

Part of managing your money is often trying to save back some of your paycheck to put toward your emergency fund, or to pay for something special. Account sweeps can help you do just that! You’re able to transfer money between accounts easily through online banking, and even set up recurring sweeps if you want to set up a certain amount to transfer from your checking to your savings each month. Account sweeps can also be helpful if you are away, but need to make a transfer between your savings to your checking to make a purchase. These can be done within the online and mobile banking platforms with ease.

Mobile Banking

Guaranty Bank offers Mobile Banking to all checking account holders (just search for GuarantyBank in the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store). With Mobile Banking you have all of the features and benefits of online banking, plus the ability to deposit checks into your bank account straight from your phone. If you’re out of the house and are thinking of making a larger purchase, mobile banking allows you to check your balance while on the go, which makes it both simple and convenient to be able to make decisions on the spot. On vacation and forget to make a payment before you left? No worries! With mobile banking you can also make payments on the go, giving you peace of mind while you are away.

At Guaranty Bank, we want managing your money to be as simple as possible. Please reach out to your local banker if you haven’t taken advantage of any of these services that we offer yet and would like more information.

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