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At Guaranty Bank & Trust, we pride ourselves on offering the products and services you need, plus the expertise and reliability you want.

Whether you’re looking to open a new checking account, save money for the future, or looking for a reliable banking partner for your business accounts and investments, our team aims to be the first call when you need a reliable and trustworthy bank.

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Our Mission

Guaranty Bank’s mission is to set the standard in our communities for excellence in financial service products and their delivery, to strengthen the communities we serve, and to help improve the quality of life in those areas while realizing the greatest benefit for our shareholders, employees, and customers.

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Our story began in 1943.

Locally owned and operated since the beginning, our first branch opened its doors more than 70 years ago, and has been community-focused from the start.

Quality experience advancing in 1990.

Over the years, the technology and services have changed but the one thing that has been steadfast is our commitment to offering a personalized, quality experience with customer service as a core focus

Continuing growth in 1995.

As we’ve evolved over the years, our commitment to offering the best in banking has grown our business from core banking services and products to where we are today, serving customers with a comprehensive and complete line of expertise and products.

Our story expanding in 2000.

We take pride in offering the same service and expertise you’d expect from a larger institution, all with a friendly faced, community-focused approach. As a leader in economic development, we strive to be an instrumental member in our communities through our actions and the involvement of our employees. We continued to expand our branch experience by adding online banking services.

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A Note from our CEO

We are so thankful for our Guaranty Bank community, and drive all we do as a leadership team through our core values as a bank.

The values that drive us:

  • Always do what we say
  • Exceed expectations
  • Commit to community development
  • Express gratitude to our customers
  • Strive for strong communications

Our expert bankers move Guaranty Bank forward progressively into the future. With this level of professionalism and concern, we help the members of our community become more prosperous through training and expert consultation.

We hope you’ll see these core values each time you step up to the teller window and with each encounter at Guaranty Bank, and that you’ll join us on a path for a better financial future for you and your loved ones.

I hope you’ll join us at an upcoming workshop, and let us help you plan the future. Thank you for your trust in Guaranty Bank as a banking partner.

Hue Townsend, CEO

Hue Townsend, CEO

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