Protecting Your Information

Guaranty Bank is committed to client protection and to helping you keep your identity and information secure. We have compiled a description of bank security practices and actions you can take to help protect you and your personal information. If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft, please contact your local branch immediately.

Security Statement

We use a combination of security features to protect you
and your data.

USA Patriot Act Notice

Federal law requires that we obtain and verify your identification information.

Identity Theft

Find out how you can minimize the threat of identity theft and learn the steps to take if you become a victim of this crime.

Phishing & Other Scams

There are many ways that scam artists deceive people into divulging personal information to steal funds.

ATM & Debit Card Safety Precautions

There are important precautions you should take when using an ATM or debit card.

Security Best Practices

Precautions should be taken to reduce the likelihood of computer-related fraud.

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Guaranty Bank is committed to helping you keep your identity and information secure