Published On: August 1, 2016

Small Business Financing

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur and start your very own small business is an exciting time.  Before beginning your journey there are some financial items to consider in order to set your small business up for success.  Many business owners overestimate the profit and under estimate the expenses.  This is a mistake that can drive many new businesses into the ground.  One rule to follow to set your small business up for success is to double how much everything costs, double how long it will take to set up and halve how much income you think you will make.  This will help you financially prepare to get your business up and running long term.

One of the first steps for many small business owners is to figure out a financial backing for the business.  Many options are available but a small business loan can be beneficial in a variety of ways.  It is important to decide if a business loan is right for you and your business venture.  Small business loans are usually short term and require some type of collateral.  It is important as a startup business to have a solid marketing and business plan when applying for a loan as well as prior experience in the field.  The lender needs to see your confidence and planning for your future profits in order to repay the business loan.

Another important factor to consider when launching your small business is a business checking account.  Perhaps one of the highest points of opening a business checking account is allowing your customers to not only use cash and check but also use credit and debit cards to make purchases.  The more ways a customer can pay the more they are willing to spend.  A business checking account can also help lessen tax headaches and liabilities, give more of your trusted employees signing privileges to lessen personal workload, and help you capitalize on your relationship with your trusted banking service early on.

There are many financial decisions to make when setting your business plan in motion.  Don’t hesitate to contact your local branch  or click here for any questions or for additional help.

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