Published On: March 8, 2017

Protect Your Card From Fraud

Things you can do to protect your bank card from being compromised.

Thieves have improved their skills over time and have quickly learned that we all like the easy access of our bank cards.  They’ve also figured out that most of us are so busy in our lives that we don’t pay attention to the areas around us.

When you use your bank card at a gas station pump or movie kiosk, make sure to look at the machine and trust your instincts.  If it doesn’t feel right, stop, look and pay attention.  Here are some things to look for on the card slot to ensure your card information remains confidential.

Skimming machines are typically put on gas pumps that are far away from the store or in a location that isn’t really well lit (also, a movie kiosk in the parking lot).

  • Inspect the machine—if the machine looks different from the previous time you used it, has additional signs of tape or scratches, it may have been compromised.  Choose a different machine!
  • Give the card reader a good pull or shake.  Typically, skimming devices are only glued or taped on.
  • Always choose the credit card option when using your card.  Then you won’t need to worry about anyone seeing or getting access to your PIN number.
  • If you are dining in a restaurant, pay at the cash register or watch the employee run your card.  Employees in restaurants can easily swipe your card thru a skimming machine as they are running your card.
  • If you didn’t see the restaurant employee run your card, take the time to monitor or reconcile your bank account the following day.  Make sure the transactions make sense and that you know exactly what is happening with your account.
  • Ask your bank to limit the access of your bank card.  If you are usually within the state, limit your transaction access.  Just remember to ask them to expand the usage area if you are going to leave that area.
  • If you don’t typically make large transactions, set a reasonable limit amount on your card.  Then if someone tries to charge a larger amount, you’ll be notified.

Here’s what Guaranty Bank is doing to help you!


If we suspect any unusual activity associated with your debit card, we will provide you a real-time, two-way SMS text for quicker fraud identification and prevention.  If we do not receive a response from you by SMS text within 30 minutes, you will receive an interactive voice phone call.  We will call your cell phone number first then your home number.  An email notification will be our last attempt to reach you before we block your debit card.  Please respond to one of these communications to verify the transaction.

Add our Fraud Department as a contact in your phone:  SMS text is 32874.

Here’s an example of what our communication would say:

  • Guaranty Bank Fraud Department: Suspicious action on account 1111: $201.99 WALMART.  If authorized reply YES, otherwise reply NO.  To opt out reply STOP.
  • If you reply YES, the case will be closed as not fraud and you will receive the following message:
    • Guaranty Bank Fraud Department: Thank you for confirming this activity.  Your account is safe for continued use.
  • If you reply NO, an automated call system will generate a call to you and you will receive the following message:
    • Guaranty Bank Fraud Department: Thank you.  We will call you or you can call us anytime at 800-369-4887.

It is important that we have current phone numbers for you.  If you have a new cell or home number or new email address, please take a minute and give us a call to verify that we have your most up-to-date information.  It is for your protection that we contact you as soon as possible if we suspect anything unusual on your account.

Visit our Fraud Alert Management Service if you have questions.

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