Published On: January 31, 2023

Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption – What you need to know

A homestead exemption is when a state reduces the property taxes required to pay on your home. The exact rules and amounts vary by state but, you could save money on your annual tax bill if you qualify.

Who Can Apply

Each state’s qualifying events are different according to their regulations (see list below to find your state). If you live in Mississippi, the following events are eligible for homestead exemption.

If you:

  • Purchased a new primary residence
  • Turned 65
  • Divorced
  • Received a property through a will or court order
  • Made a change to any names on a deed
  • Made changes to the legal description of your property
  • Made occupancy changes to your property
  • Are a 100% disabled American veteran
  • Experienced the death of a spouse that previously received the Homestead Exemption

Filing for Mississippi opens the first business day of January and closes the last business day of March each year for changes made the prior calendar year.

How to Apply

Each state is different and specific sites are listed below.  Mississippi residents can apply for the Homestead Exemption at their local tax assessor’s office.

Alabama – Homestead Exemptions – Alabama Department of Revenue

Arkansas – List of Officials – County Officials – AACD (

Florida – Florida Dept. of Revenue – Property Tax – Taxpayers – Exemptions (

Georgia – Apply for a Homestead Exemption |

Kentucky – Homestead Exemption – Department of Revenue (

Louisiana –Louisiana Homestead Exemption – Get the Actual Advantage (

Mississippi –Homestead Exemption Rules and Regulations | DOR (

Missouri – Property Tax Credit (

Texas – Residence Homestead Exemption Frequently Asked Questions (

If you have questions, please contact Guaranty Bank Mortgage at 662-449-1296.

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