Be Aware Of A Potential Scam Regarding A Microsoft Virus

Personal Banking

April 15, 2016

A common scam used by hackers is to call potential victims and pretend to be a support representative from Microsoft.  During this telephone call, the hacker informs the call recipient that his/her computer has a virus, and the hacker requests permission to access the victim’s computer.  Once this access is granted, the hacker is free to steal any information stored on the computer, as well as install viruses or malware, such as keystroke logging malware.  The keystroke logging malware enables the theft of usernames and passwords, most importantly those used for accessing online banking systems.

Please be aware and do not fall victim to this scam.  Microsoft will never contact you to notify of a virus residing on your computer.  If you believe your computer has been infected by a virus or malware, unplug it from its power source immediately, and take it to an IT professional for scanning.  If you need Microsoft support, or support from any other software company, do a web-based search of that company, and contact the number found on their official web page.  Do not ever contact a company with a telephone number given to you from an unknown source via telephone call, in-person conversation or e-mail.

The fraudsters and hackers are diligently working to steal our personal information, so we have to stay alert and avoid falling victim to these scams.

If you feel your information may have been compromised, please contact your local branch or click here to contact a bank representative.